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Power Point Installation

Coming in a wide range of styles and types to suit the demands of different spaces, devices and applications, quality power points are essential to get your home up and running properly. As experts in residential electrical services, Power Play Solutions provides reliable power point installation for internal and external walls as well as new locations in any area of your home.

Our licensed and qualified electricians in Fremantle specialise in providing high quality electrical services to ensure maximum safety and minimum hazards when switched on and off. For knowledgeable power point installation in Fremantle and Perth, chat with the team at Power Play Solutions.

Why Do You Need Power Point Installation?

Replacing Single Points

Many older homes feature single power points. While functional when the home was originally built, modern homes require additional access to electricity for powering appliances and devices. Our team of experienced electricians can quickly and effectively replace single power points with double power points to provide your home with convenience and versatility.


Are you working on a home renovation or adding rooms to your property? Keep up with your household’s demands or pre-empt future requirements by adding extra power points as part of your renovation process. Saving you time, money and labour in the long run, a renovation is the best time to add some extra power points to make modern living easy.

Increased Demand

As technology advances and becomes even more intelligent and convenient, we’re using it more than ever. If you’re finding that you simply don’t have access to enough power points, or your power points aren’t in convenient or logical locations, install additional power points with Power Play Solutions.

How Do We Install Power Points?

Internal Walls

Installing a power point to an internal wall involves chasing the cable into the wall or utilising a surface mounted ducting approach. For walls with cable chasing, plastering and painting is generally required to ensure cabling isn’t visible. With surface mounted ducting, no plastering or painting is required and a white square ducting is mounted as an enclosure for the cable.

External Walls

Installing a power point into an external wall involves drilling a hole in the inner brick. Utilising the cavity, we pull the cable up to the roof space and join it to an existing power circuit. To finalise the installation, we recess the power point into the wall to ensure it sits safely and firmly while blending seamlessly with your exterior.

Contact us for Power Point Installation and Electrical Services

From powering kitchen appliances to charging laptops, phones and handheld tech, power points are an essential part of every home. While functional and reliable power points are must-haves, safety is also a critical consideration. At Power Play Solutions, we specialise in providing power point installation services across Fremantle and Perth.

Whether converting single power points to doubles or adding extra power points during your home renovation, we provide convenient and logical access to power where you need it most. Contact us on 6498 1045 for power point installation and electrical services.