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Smoke Alarm Installation in Fremantle - Power Play Solutions

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smoke alarm installation detecting smoke

Smoke Alarm Electrician Fremantle

Smoke alarms have the potential to alert you to possible danger and save lives. From waking you up in the middle of the night during an electrical fire to alerting you to a smoking frying pan left on the stove for too long, smoke alarms play an important role in maintaining health and safety in our homes. In order to offer maximum safety and functionality, smoke alarms need to be FISA approved and compliant with all relevant regulations and laws. A requirement in homes both owned and rented, smoke alarms need to be changed every 10 years.

A low-quality smoke alarm puts your home and family at risk. Make sure that your smoke alarm is working at its best with reliable smoke alarm installation from Power Play Solutions. As experienced Fremantle electricians, we ensure that your smoke alarm is fully functional and compliant.

Why Do You Need Smoke Alarm Installation?


Smoke alarms are one of the most effective measures of alerting you to potential fire or danger in an emergency. During a fire, smoke and deadly gases can spread through your home faster than actual heat. A smoke alarm works by detecting danger early and alerting you to a situation with a loud alarm.

When you choose a professional for your smoke alarm installation, you can be confident in its quality and reliability. Based in Fremantle, our experienced electricians ensure that smoke alarms are hard-wired and meet all necessary requirements and standards to keep your family protected.

Legal Requirements

In order to be compliant, smoke alarms need to meet a variety of legal requirements. They need to be strategically placed according to the layout of your home, be hard-wired to the mains power or be battery-powered if applicable in some circumstances. They also need to be FISA approved. Guarding your home around the clock, a compliant smoke alarm could prevent a serious or fatal situation from occurring.


Smoke alarms have an expiration date that must be adhered to in order to remain compliant. After 10 years, a smoke alarm is deemed to be expired and requires a replacement installation. Working with a trusted electrician, your smoke alarm will be hard-wired or fitted as required in order to meet all safety regulations and standards.

Keep your home and family protected against accidents and hazards. Ensure that your smoke alarm installation is up to date and completed with precision and expertise.

Smoke Alarm Installation Services in Fremantle & Perth

At Power Play Solutions, we specialise in installing smoke alarms in homes across Fremantle and Perth. Our experienced electricians complete thorough checks and evaluations to make sure that your smoke alarm is ready to alert you to any possible danger.

Sleep easy and with greater peace of mind knowing that your smoke alarms are fitted property. Chat with our electricians in Fremantle for quality smoke alarm installations today – contact us on 0439 915 287.

Powerplay Solutions also Specialise in Solar installations in Perth and surrounding suburbs. If you are interested in reducing the cost of your energy bill, feel free to contact us.