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Switches and Timers by a professional Fremantle electrical contractor ""

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electricians tools including screwdriver, side cutters, multimeter, wire strippers and 3 individually coloured wires

Switch and Timer Installation

As we move towards more eco-friendly living, how we design, install and use technology has changed. With an emphasis on minimising resources while maximising comfort and functionality, Power Play Solutions provides quality dimmer switches and timers for homes and commercial properties. As experienced electricians in Perth, we specialise in helping you reduce your overall energy costs while enjoying the functionality and versatility of dimmer switches and timers.

From changing the mood of a room with your lighting to limiting the use of hot water systems, minimise your environmental impact and save on your bills with our quality electrical solutions.

Dimmer Switches

Lighting has come a long way from simple on and off functionality. Now, modern lighting systems and solutions offer a wide range of benefits for homeowners. From lowering the intensity and brightness of your living room for movie night to increase visibility and clarity while you’re cooking, dimmer switches provide you with maximum control over the lighting of your space.

Not only just for changing the atmosphere of your room, but dimming lights also allows you to minimise the amount of power supplied to them. Regularly keep your lights at a dimmed level to reduce their power supply and lower your overall energy costs.

At Power Play Solutions, we utilise high-quality components, technology and systems to install premium dimmer switches and dimmer lights in homes of all sizes. Our Perth electricians specialise in completing work quickly and with precision to ensure that your dimmers work perfectly from the get-go.


With energy costs rising fast, how we consume power within the home needs to change. For many Perth homeowners, hot water is a serious culprit of heavy consumption and excessive costs. By installing a timer on your hot water system booster, you can limit your power usage and ensure that you’re never going over your budget due to the heavy use of hot water. Instead of getting lost in thought in the shower, you’ll be reminded that hot water is a finite – and costly – resource with a set limit.

As experienced electricians Fremantle, we work with clients throughout the Perth region to install reliable, functional and cost-effective timers to save you on your overall energy costs. Don’t be caught out by rising rates – stay one step ahead with a timer on your hot water system.

Timer and Switch Electrician in Perth  

Ready to save on your energy costs? Find out more about dimmer switches and timers with Power Play Solutions. As fully licensed and insured residential electricians, we complete all electrical work and projects with expertise and professionalism. Our focus is on ensuring that your property is fully equipped with functional, reliable and quality electrical systems that add convenience and value to your life.

From enjoying the versatility of dimmer lights to minimising your energy costs with timers, chat with our Perth electricians for more. Contact us on 0439 915 287.

Powerplay Solutions also Specialise in Solar installations in Perth and surrounding suburbs. If you are interested in reducing the cost of your energy bill, feel free to contact us.